Stories & Critiques

The dates below mark the deadline for stories to be posted on Google docs. (Your first story should be placed in the Story One folder; your second story in the Story Two folder.) Your story should be named in this manner: LibbyHannon.story1.doc (or docx).

Tuesday, October 26 & Thursday, November 11: Lauren Glazebrook, Libby Hannon, Happy Lathrop

Thursday, October 28 & Tuesday, November 16: Morganne Young, Cajal Rutti

Tuesday, November 2 & Tuesday, November 30: Heather McTague, Greer Gordon, Pat Richeson

Thursday, November 4 & Thursday, December 2: Brittany Fox, Allison Stansberry, Maddie Kinnard


One of the most important responsibilities that you have in a workshop is reading your classmates’ work with great diligence and care. Your comments about your classmates’ work should focus on where and how the story succeeds and where and how it does not succeed. Your written comments should consist of three parts:

line editing where you detect persistent or particularly notable problems with word-choice, syntax, diction, punctuation, or spelling.

marginal comments where you point out particularly good or weak dialogue, description, or action; where you note the effective or ineffective use of symbolism; where you suggest a particular way the scene might be altered or developed; where you ask questions about the characters, the action, or the theme; where you make note of your immediate reaction to a particular detail or development in the characters, the action, or the theme.

a terminal comment where you summarize your response to the story, pointing out your ideas regarding the ways in which the story is successful and the ways in which it is not successful; where you suggest how the characters, the setting, the action, the dialogue, and the symbolism in the story might be altered or more fully developed. A copy of your terminal comment must be sent via email to me and to the author of the story as an attached Word document.

Here’s how your document should be named: Let’s say that Allison is critiquing Heather’s first story. Allison’s document would be named: Heather.story1.Allison.doc (or docx).

Thursday, November 11:

Lauren Glazebrook (Critics: Greer Gordon, Heather McTague)
Libby Hannon (Critics: Brittany Fox, Maddie Kinnard)
Happy Lathrop (Critics: Allison Stansberry, Pat Richeson)

Tuesday, November 16:

Morganne Young  (Critics: Happy Lathrop, Brittany Fox )
Cajal Rutti (Critics: Libby Hannon, Allison Stansberry)

Tuesday, November 30:

Heather McTague (Critics: Morganne Young, Happy Lathrop)
Greer Gordon (Critics: Cajal Rutti, Libby Hannon)
Pat Richeson (Critics: Lauren Glazebrook, Greer Gordon)

Thursday, December 2:

Brittany Fox: (Critics: Morganne Young, Heather McTague)
Allison Stansberry (Critics: Cajal Rutti, Pat Richeson)
Maddie Kinnard