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Humor in “Down Through The Valley”

There was much in this story that I found really, really funny.  Most of the hilarity stems from the absurdity of the characters and situations…best described as ‘quirky’, probably.  The fact that poor Ed has to deal with this yoga-hipster … Continue reading

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The Horror of “Two Men”

I found Johnson’s “Two Men” to be a thoroughly frightening story.  As readers, we are not at first aware that there is something ‘off’ about the narrator.  He seems like a decent guy, if perhaps not the master of good … Continue reading

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Contrasting “Executors” and “The Trip Back”

Although the stories “The Trip Back” by Robert Olen Butler and “Executors” by Wells Tower are both about the relationship between a man and a relative with dementia, it is there the similarities end.  “The Trip Back” I found was … Continue reading

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Past and Future in “Rock Springs”

In “Rock Springs”, there was a great sense of hopelessness for the main character, Earl.  He’s a man with a very long past, and not much of a future.  The idea of what the future holds is what is really … Continue reading

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