Comment to Heathermctague’s “Bobby in ‘Sweethearts'”

I agree with the mind-boggling part about Russ, mostly because of Russ’s attitude towards Bob. I found their relationship to be highly abnormal, and almost unbelievable at times. I thought it highly unusual that a father would allow his only child (from another marriage, no less; it would seem less strange if he and Arlene were the parents) to develop such a playful relationship with a convicted felon. In class, people argued that Bobby was no monster, but simply misunderstood. Misunderstood he may be, but someone at the level of desperation that drives them to commit armed robbery is not an appropriate figure to have around your child. Russ obviously cares for his daughter, and I can’t reconcile any parent who loves their child allowing them to ‘hang out’ with such a person.
Everything about Bobby disgusts me. He wails and whines about going to prison, but here’s the newsflash, Bobby: people who point guns at other people go to jail. Man up and own your crime. Russ doesn’t seem to actually like Bobby, but his passive nature is infuriating. Bobby threatens to hit his wife, and Russ makes small talk with him. He’s violent, he’s Russ’s wife’s ex, and he’s completely intolerable from the picture we get of him, and yet…Russ does nothing. I don’t understand the relationship between Bobby, Arlene, and Russ at all. He brings nothing to Arlene but fear and anger. I can’t find any redeeming qualities in this man, and find it outrageous how the characters tend to ‘stick up’ for him.

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