Comment to “Door in Your Eye” by Allisonstansberry

You talked about redemption in Wells Tower’s work, and how the absence of it seems to be a major presence in many of his stories. However, I found “Door in your Eye” to be one of the more redemptive pieces so far.

Our narrator is Albert, a man who does not reach very far for very much. His diary entries are simplistic, only the weather, because he does not want to seem like a salacious reporter in his own journal. His paintings are tiny, just a playing card sized piece of sky. I am sure that if Albert confessed his dreams, they would be small, ordinary, and if they began to become fantastical he would immediately wake himself up. This man of small wants is drawn in by the ‘prostitute’ next door, at which point he immediately begins to open up. The moments he shares with this drug dealing woman are tender, and he finds connections in their scars and stories. The redemption here isn’t so much that Albert will start afresh, or be a better person, because he’s eighty three and headed towards the end of his life. No, it’s that Albert finds peace with Carol, at least for a few moments. The coming together of these two wounded souls is a very comforting image for me. This is pure speculation on my part, but I get the feeling that Albert might start painting larger skies from now on.

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