Simple Twists in “Door In Your Eye”


In “Door in Your Eye,” an elderly, disabled man moves in with his adult daughter. A Rear Window scenario ensues, as Albert watches a woman’s apartment across the street as stranger after stranger enters, stays a few minutes, and leaves. He is certain she’s a prostitute and, when he witnesses a derelict try to set fire to her front door, is determined to help her. Cane in hand, he ventures over and learns the truth: She’s providing a different kind of service, and soon Albert is puffing on a nice thick joint. While Yancy prays and hopes for a day of serenity, Albert realizes that this moment of peace and bliss might be among his last.

This passage from intrigued me because I had never thought of the man as the epitome of “ignorance is bliss” or of tainting his supposed “innocence” by finding out the truth. He is a snoop who found out things that should remain behind the scenes, and at other times he can be troubling or even dangerous.

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